World Poetry Day!

Here I am PROVING to you all that I have NOT, in fact, forgotten that I started a blog! *pats self on the back*

It would appear that today is #WorldPoetryDay and I hope you all take some time to read or write some.  I have a mess of poems I’ve written over the years.  Maybe I’ll post a few here over time?

I remember my first poem by heart – so here it goes.

Pink and yellow, red and white,

Glistening in the dead of night,

Awakened by the bright, brand new,

Feeling of cold, wet morning dew

Glistening, sparkling, shining bright,

Pink and yellow, red and white.

Ta’dah!!!!!  I think I was about 12? Anyhoo – hope you all have a wonderful, poetry filled day!!!!


Words hurt?

So I saw a comment from someone I know about taking their baby to a doctors appointment and they affectionately referred to him as “a little chunker”.  I’m not a mother but I KNOW that her words were 100% meant as an endearing term. IS it ok  for “little chunker” to be considered an ‘endearing’ term?  What if it’s doing long term damage? How much sticks in the brain?  Am I being over sensitive because I’ve been overweight my whole life?  She’s a thin person – always has been.  Do thin people not see the potential damage body shaming can do? IS it body shaming when you call your 1 year old a “chunker”?


Banana anyone?

Some would argue that this is progress. That what we’re seeing here is now healthier, has more vitamins and minerals.  I know ONE thing for sure – it’s prettier to look at now. Then again, some would argue that as well.


Scottish weather

I’m like Scottish weather – wait 5 minutes and it’ll be different. I think I’m going to change the name…. ‘Hang with Stacey’ sounds daft.  Stay tuned.


Peace out.

4 years later

So it would appear that, clearly, I have NO idea what I’m doing out here in “blogland”. I’ve had so many people tell me that I should start a blog because, “omg – you’re so funny” or “that’s the perfect thing to go in a blog” or my personal favourite “You’re pretty much already DOING a blog with all this stuff you’re sharing with us all!”  Ya.  Right.  Fine. Ok…. but HOW do I gather all this humour and posts and content and the like into ONE COHESIVE SITE that’s easy for ME to figure the hell out!?!?  Enter GOOGLE.  Ok Google, What are the easiest, free blog websites to use?  WordPress tops them all! So here I am.  And, ha ha… apparently I’ve attempted WordPress before? 4 years ago to be precise.

So I picked a (newer than 4 years ago)theme to which my search criteria was ‘simple’ and ‘easy’.  It suggested this layout.  I said OK with GREAT enthusiasm.  Then I opened it and just stared at it. For a really long time too.  Then I went to check my Facebook time line.  Then Twitter.  Then Tumblr.

Don’t ask me how, but I DID manage to do a couple of things… posted a picture of my tattoo.  Ok, so maybe ONE thing. But YAY me!

This “write a post” thing kept flashing in my face so I find myself here babbling like a fool just hoping that eventually I’ll look like a pro!

It tells me I can add links to my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr pages but I’ve YET to figure out how! Guess I’ll hit up Youtube and ask them for some guidance.

So stay tuned friends! Eventually you’ll be able to enjoy a STELLAR blog site full of wit and wisdom and, likely, many MANY pictures of the cats.

Peace out!